American Society Of Civil Engineering NITH

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"ASCE helps civil engineers to be part of an international Student Organization of ASCE which aid students to be master in the civil engineering skills..."

ASCE NIT-H is the most active professional society of civil engineering at NIT-H after. It was Inducted on [20th feb 2016] as an International Students’ Group.

Facilitate the advancement of technology to enhance quality, knowledge, competitiveness and sustainability.
Develop student’s technical understanding through workshops, seminars and guest lectures.
Encouraging students to participate in technical fests, conferences and workshops.
Develop framework for students and industry interaction.

Name Post Of Responsibility Email Id
Dr. Vijay S. Dogra Faculty Advisor
Tejasvi Ashish Chauhan Secretary
Tarun Maurya Treasurer
Chidepudi Shiva Rama Krishna Reddy Joint Secretary
Sahil Garg Executive Member
Tanmeet Singh Executive Member
Nikhil Bisaria Executive Member
Varun Sharma Executive Member
Raghavendra Pratap Singh Member
Mridul Bansal Member
Onam Sharma Member
Ashutosh Saini Member
Dhananjay Vyas Member

Message from Faculty Advisor

Welcome to the website of the ASCE student chapter, NIT Hamirpur .The student chapter successfully completed its one year observation period and actively organizing the Plethora of Activities throughout the year. It plays a vital role in achieving the objectives & vision of Department of Civil Engineering. We are constantly enhancing the skills required for the overall development of the civil engineering students by creating the opportunities in both industrial & research areas. Our collaboration with the industry in the region allows our students to benefit from industrial training, field based trips and other opportunities to learn and reflect in real-world contexts. I would like to take this opportunity to thank Er, G.J.S. Rosha, President,ASCE North Indian section and Prof. Har Amrit singh sandhu , Secretary, ASCE North Indian section for being a part of the our society to assist and guide us as a practitioner advisors of our student chapter
Thanks for visiting our website!
Dr. Vijay Shankar Dogra
Head of Department and faculty advisor of
ASCE –NITH student chapter