Dark Energy

Written by Sahil Garg

It is (so far) quite safe to say that energy in the universe may exist in various forms. So if I define an equivalent unit/particle/or something that you and me don’t know that could possibly equalize all these forms…..that could probably lead to what I call the equation of the universe. If I follow what Einstein said in terms of the negative pressure about the universe, i.e. the cosmological constant- that would explain the dark energy which probably is the unknown part of the lot. By this we may have a relation between the equivalence factor and the total energy of the universe.

“Something that I have realized while going through this phase is that something that explains the whole universe cannot be very complex as I believe what explains us completely should be something that could be understood by us as well.”

BUT, the biggest dilemma that comes to mind when I think of this equivalence factor that what possibly could be its nature and how to probably reach out to a mathematical result. Now,
Dark energy + Other energy = Total energy of the universe = (Equivalence Factor) * (Unit energy)

Here the unit energy is in terms of the scale of equivalence and probably the equivalence factor is some sort of multiplier. It may be possible that these two kinds of energies that I have classified here are inter-convertible probably in a way that is unknown to us as yet.

Now there is quite a happening story related to what I propose ahead. One of my college professors’ was teaching surface tension to us under the properties of fluids topic. I had been constantly mentally absent from the lecture. I was thinking about how to manipulate dark energy. Professor V.K. Sarda commenced with his thoughts on surface tension. He gave us an example of the tension forces being introduced into the surface of the fluid when something is kept over its surface. It just suddenly clicked to my mind that may be what we see as nothing, i.e. the empty space which we suppose to say contains dark energy, could behave like the same as well. This probably corresponds to what Einstein told about gravity warping the space time. So I propose that what I call as other energy warps the dark energy in space which causes to what I call as space tension corollary to surface tension in the case of fluids. The thought itself is kind of provoking and mind bursting at the same time. But what I certainly realized are some sensible results out of the proposition itself. Could this mean that we can in a way attach or define dark energy in terms of space tension. Just as surface tension causes surface energy space tension probably causes some sort of forces which exist within the dark energy itself. If the universe is expanding, then the dark energy is increasing since the space is increasing, but since the energy conserving law is valid, then probably the work done against the forces lying within the dark matter while expansion is revived by the increase in the dark energy and probably it may also happen that some part of it is revived as potential energy in the dark matter itself. This also means that it can be negative.

It just struck my mind as I am writing this, is dark energy a kind of potential energy? To answer as to for what reasons I say so, let us go back to the beginning to time, i.e. at the time of the Big Bang. Since universe expanded after that( although going through accelerations and decelerations), due to the vast explosion the dark energy’s quanta also spread away thus the work done to separate them was stored as potential energy in space which we call as dark energy today. But there is huge question here- why at all the dark energy should exist and expand as we say? Why is it necessary at all? Probably the answer lies in gravity and big bang. The momentum of the big bang explosion is so much that it still carries the dark energy quanta away from each other. Also since gravity of the universe tends to converge everything at one point in space- so as to say an internal action, when we take the universe as our system, so the reaction has to come from somewhere which probably is dark energy. It may also mean that gravity and dark energy act as opposites in the universe fighting against each other in which probably the dark energy is winning the battle.

Well, let the god keep the truth as I inhale that some mysteries are better unsolved thereby giving mankind a realisation of it being a Lilliputian against the extreme.