Written by Swati Sachdeva

Tall and sturdy, the gift that keeps giving,
I can't understand why you’d stop them from living.
The air that we breathe, the shade saves degrees,
we’re racking them up and counting bodies.
The grass rich and green, enhancing all scenes,
I’m lush and unclean, but it's all just a dream,
when you kill all I see, so goes your family.
Cry and cry friends, but our world will soon end,
if you don’t change your trends, our world will soon end.
Our ending’s depending on all that is pending,
I’m fending my lending and sending no blessings.
No blessings on blessings, just lessons on lessons.
I’m living in fear, digressing the air,
billions of carbon tons in the atmosphere.

Each year, I’m here,
but one day I’ll go, cast out and alone,
or dead in a hole. The soil will erode,
without me the soil will wash or blow,
which leads to lack of vegetation growth.
So take now an oath, there’s no need to bloat,
just promise me this: our kids will exist.