Innovative Ideas

Written by Hemant Kumar Vinayak

Ideas that lead to innovations sometimes may happen suddenly – without the requirement of the society. But in most cases,innovations are the act of a thought process that is based on the society’s requirements. The requirements of the society go on changing and so do the innovative directions.

But the question that students need to pause and ask here is on the relevance of innovation in their lives. Is the student capable of entering into a thought process that would help a section of the society in any way?It is not necessary that some innovation will magically appear on the horizon whenever students start implementing or giving shape to their ideas. I still remember how one of my colleagues during graduation in Muzzafarnagar around twenty years ago selflessly worked on the use of rice husk ash in cement concrete. I used to think his efforts a waste of time, but because he was sensitive to the issue in concern he kept at it.And with time, I started realizing the importance of implementation of the thought process.

So where did the problem lie? The problem was that these works/ideas often did not take the shape so that they could be implemented in the society. The legacy of strengthening some project work is taken forward very rarely, and even if it is taken forward, the responsibility of implementation for the society is not in the hand of the institute but vest with other authorities/department of the state/central government.As far as the B.Tech.students are concerned, in the :

  • Ist year, they have a very little knowledge with respect to theoretical background and a very high passion to conquer the world;
  • IInd year, some knowledge of the specialization is gained but they can only restrict themselves to the model, very primitive for display purpose
  • IIIrd year, although knowledge has increased, but it seems the passion has exponentially dried due to submission of tons of assignments and examinations
  • IVth year, there is hardly time asthey are worried about their placement.

Moreover, innovation may or may not require yourtime, it may or may not require your intelligence; but it always requires your dedication and passion. And these are two things I have not seen anybody buy from any shop. Some of the best examples I found on YouTube are DharamveerKambhoj and Mathews K Mathews.

My innovation is the transformation of information written in the books which is not readable by construction worker. Similarly, the snakes and laddersisall about making information and knowledge enjoyable to the children. The crux is not in infusing passion and dedication but inigniting the spark which is sitting inside you: ideal, but dormant.