Life after Death: Reincarnation

Written by Vinay Kumar

Most people, even those with a strong science background, believe in the existence of a soul in the human body. The concept of the soul developed gradually with a realization that the soul departed the body at death and entered the body at birth. Reincarnation and transformation of soul, especially when applied to humans, are almost synonymous.

The first definition of soul transmigration came from Pythagoras, the Greek philosopher and mathematician, who taught that the soul was immortal and merely resides in the body; therefore, it survived bodily death. His further teachings held the soul goes through a series of rebirths. Between death and rebirth the soul rests and is purified in the Underworld. After the soul has completed this series of rebirths becomes so purified that it can leave the transmigration or reincarnation cycle.

Numerous reincarnation stories reveal the fact of life after death. In one such story, a child born had all the memories of his previous life as a man from his village who had died merely days before. Some storied say that when a baby takes birth, it has complete memories of the previous life: these memories vanish as he grows up and learns to speak. Thus, reincarnation is a concept that droops in between religious/philosophical and scientific world.

Religion gives justification for the fact that not everyone experiences reincarnation: in case of unfulfilled wishes, if the dead has been hit on the head, due to karma, because of seven lives for every soul; only a few people are able to access the older memories in our subconscious brain. Hindus believe that we all have a third eye but we are able to open it up only if we meditate for a very long time.

Soul evolution has 35 steps. Why 35 steps, you ask. Why not 34? Or 20? Or 100? This is because there are 5 major stages of evolution through reincarnation, and in each stage 7 levels to be completed.

The Stages & Levels

Ten Facts about Reincarnation

  • The soul exists.
  • The soul evolves.
  • The soul evolves most effectively in physical form.
  • The soul undergoes the full range of meaningful human experiences and choices by reincarnating.
  • The soul has no nationality, creed, race or gender.
  • The soul sticks to one species at a time.
  • Each life-time is preplanned.
  • There is a law of karma.
  • Reincarnation has a beginning and an end.
  • There is no urgency.